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Let’s Work Together

Web design is a complicated and ever-changing process that requires many different skills. Our expertise in coding, usability, and design ensures your site works well on almost any device. In addition, we can help you find the right hosting provider, integrate social media into your online presence, and much more. You can rely on us for everything from logo design to SEO optimization to content strategy that engages your audience. You’ll feel like you’re working with a friend who happens to know about all the technical back-end!

Unique Sites Made with WordPress

The WordPress content management system (CMS) is highly reliable, dependable, and safe to use. Approximately 43% of all websites on the internet use this CMS software. With WordPress, we can simplify the process of coding by customizing themes. Less coding from scratch means we can pass that savings onto you. As a result, your investment is more cost-effective. No two websites end up the same. There are no “cookie-cutter” sites here. It is possible for you to do a website on your own with a CMS but wouldn’t you rather focus on your business rather than mulling over color choices and maintenance schedules? Streamline the process by letting us do all the geeky stuff!

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No Up-Charge For Basics

Our packages always include these key features—kind of like a car’s base model if you will.
It’s our website base model.





You will see and experience the same information and look from desktop to mobile for your site.

A streamlined navigation bar that’s clear and simple, made to showcase your business’s priorities.

We create high-quality images to help improve page load speed, boost SEO ranking, and improve the user experience.

We customize our WordPress themes so each client gets a unique design, layout, and set of features specifically for your business needs.





By using your existing social media accounts, we increase your brand reach and awareness.

A custom 404 page can helps turn an unfortunate incident of a page not found into an opportunity to re-emphasize your brand.

After your website is paid for in full, we will release our rights of ownership to you. It’s even in the fine print of our contract.

ADA compliance is a civil law that guarantees equal opportunity and accessibility for disabled individuals— i.e. your website.





With standard Search Engine Optimization techniques, we will make sure your site is easily findable, more relevant and popular towards user search queries.

Google Analytics is a web service that provides statistics and basic analytical tools for search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing purposes.

Often overlooked, a free tool that allows you to take charge of the way your business appears on Google Search and Maps.

Either through videos, tutorials, or screencasts, we will make sure you know to get to most out of your website once it’s complete.

Unfortunately, our packages don’t include everything. Domain Names, Hosting, SSL Certificates, Email, Copywriting, Extended Maintenance, Privacy Policies, Disclaimers, and Terms & Conditions are not included, but any one of our packages can be enhanced with these services.

Client Work | Portfolio

Not all websites are built equal. Some allow people to book appointments or download brochures, while others provide an online storefront. We help you figure out what kind of experience you want for your website and make it happen.

It’s always an honor for us to take on a new client and fulfill their vision. No project is complete until you are altogether satisfied. That is our top priority.

bbn portfolio

Body By Nicole

Nicole contacted us for help setting up her online presence. She had been relying on face-to-face meetings and word-of-mouth for new clients. As both a personal trainer and Independent Sales Director with Mary Kay, she needed one central marketing place online. We created a logo for her based on her business story as well as a website that held information for both her businesses. As a non-techy person, Nicole has been so grateful for our services. We have recently expanded into assisting her with her social media presence as well!

epb portfolio

Every Penny Bookkeeping & Business Services (currently in progress offline)

Recently, Lourene rebranded her business, which included a new logo designed by a graphic designer. Having created the company’s first website with Wix, she wanted to upgrade it. We moved her site to WordPress and incorporated a new look and feel to match her new brand. Together, we mapped out a maintenance and hosting plan as well as a solution to ensure the website privacy policies were always up-to-date.

bal portfolio

by amylynne
by amylynne showcases the handmade crafts that I enjoy doing as a hobby. This site is a work-in-progress, and I often use it to test new ideas or code. My current goal is to create it similar to a storefront but without the ability to purchase anything. I want this website to be a show-and-tell type of spot to display my skills.

nnc portfolio

North Country Nuptials

Val’s website was redesigned by our company when we were just getting off the ground. Many of her potential clients discover her through her online presence so she was looking for some changes. Our team was able to update her site to reflect her business mood. Val has told us that prospective clients are very satisfied with her site and that it aids in their decision to choose her!


Some people describe a geek as eccentric or non-mainstream, but the one thing every geek has in common is they are an expert or enthusiast in a hobby or intellectual pursuit. Yes – I do get excited at the mention of Star Wars or Apple products, but I get just as excited talking about websites and creating them!