Website Creation Is Not Exciting

But it is for me! My cats, not so much…

Enter Amy The Web Geek. I geek out writing code to showcase you online so you don’t have to worry. Let me help you figure out all the details. You’ll feel like you’re working with a friend who knows all the technical stuff!

Why Hire A Web Geek?!

This is my passion and I can use it to help your business.


Web design isn’t just about pretty pixels; it’s about seamless user experiences, effective branding, and staying ahead in the ever-evolving digital landscape. With my mastery in coding, usability, and design, rest assured your site will dazzle on any device.

Transparent Pricing

Forget about surprise fees or hidden charges. My packages include all the essentials, ensuring you get top-notch quality without breaking the bank. Think of it as the base model of a luxury car—everything you need, nothing you don’t.

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WordPress Wizardry

Join the 43% of websites out there in the wild powered by WordPress. I spend less time on coding with my workflow and focus on delivering value to your audience. No cookie-cutter sites here—just tailor-made solutions that reflect your unique brand identity.

Geek Support

From finding the perfect hosting provider to integrating social media seamlessly, I’ve got all bases covered. Need help with logo design, SEO optimization, or crafting compelling content? Consider it done. Think of me as your one-stop-shop for all things online.

You can learn about me and what I can do for you online, but meeting in person is the real test to see if we’re a good match. Share with me your thoughts and concerns  over coffee, cookies, or a salad…no judgment.


Let’s Find The Best Solution

I am here to help you overcome any online challenge! I offer a comprehensive suite of services and want to be your ultimate digital ally, providing solutions tailored to your business needs. Trust in me to elevate your online presence and drive your success.

Web Design

Feeling lost in the maze of website design? Struggling to make your online presence stand out? With my web design expertise, I’ll turn your digital dreams into reality. Let’s build something extraordinary.


ADA Compliance

Struggling to navigate the complex world of ADA compliance? With my ADA expertise, I’ll ensure your website is a welcoming space for all. Let’s bridge the accessibility gap and build a digital world that’s inclusive and inviting. 



Feeling bogged down by inefficient processes and wasted time? With my workflow optimization prowess, I’ll streamline your operations and supercharge your productivity. Let’s turn chaos into harmony and unleash the full potential of your business.



Domain Authentication & Email Deliverability

Struggling to make sure your emails land in the right inbox? Let’s boost your email deliverability and ensure your messages stand out in a crowded inbox.


Social Media

Tired of social media chaos eating up your time? As a social media ninja, I’ll help you with a strategy to shines a spotlight on your brand. From killer content to savvy scheduling, let’s conquer this digital realm.


Privacy Policies

Unsure where to start with crafting a privacy policy? With my privacy policy know-how, I’ll guide you through the legal maze and safeguard your online reputation. Let’s build trust with your audience and ensure your business is ethically sound.



Wondering how to turn numbers into actionable insights? With my analytics service, I’ll help you navigate the data jungle and unlock the secrets of your online performance. Let’s harness the power of insights to fuel your digital success.


All Things Tech

Ever felt overwhelmed by the ever-changing world of technology? Wondering how to keep your business secure and up-to-date? That’s where I come in. As your tech-savvy ally, I offer expert guidance and solutions to navigate the digital landscape with confidence. Let’s ensure your business stays ahead of the curve.


Elevating Clients Online, One Website at a Time

Client: Dorothy Rogers-Bullis, President of drb Business Interiors.
Scope: Build a brand new site, last site was built 10 years earlier

Client: Joni Bonilla, Founder of Operation At Ease.
Scope: Re-design current site to be more modern

Client: Nicole Rothe, Owner
Scope: Creating branding and website from scratch

And So Many More!