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Hello, I am Amy

I bring a touch of geeky brilliance to your online journey. My cats are just along for the ride.


Well, let me tell you a bit about me. You see, I’ve always been that person who’s just a little too obsessed with technology and creativity. From the time I got my hands on my first computer – a hand-me-down from the family – I was hooked. I’d spend hours tinkering with BASIC coding and creating my own icons in MS-PAINT. Back then, that was cutting-edge stuff and not interesting to my peers.

When I headed off to college, I found myself drawn to HTML, even though it wasn’t part of my major. I just couldn’t resist diving into the world of web design and coding. I’d sit at my computer for hours, playing around with code and trying to bring the images in my head to life on the screen.

And you know what? I loved every minute of it. To age myself, this was all before it turned the year 2000…

I didn’t make pursuing this passion my full-time gig until 22 years later. You see, I learned the hard way that the corporate world wasn’t always the best fit for me. It felt like a constant struggle, and I knew I needed a change for my own mental well-being.

But once I made that leap, there was no turning back. Now, I can’t imagine doing anything else with my time than helping others navigate the world of technology and the Internet. It’s not just about building websites or coding – it’s about showing people the incredible things that technology can do for them, whether it’s helping their business grow or just making their lives a little bit easier.

So yeah, you could say I’m a geek. And proud of it.

BONUS CONTENT: If you ever wonder what I look like in action, well, just take a peek at this selfie. This is how my monitor sees me every day – deep in thought, contemplating new designs and ways to help my clients.

Oh, and don’t miss the mini Milky Way hidden in my hand – it’s an essential part of website design, you know. And coffee, a vital fuel for the creative process. But don’t worry, you won’t find it in the picture – I’d already polished that off before the selfie session began. 

Guiding Principles:
Navigating the Digital World with Amy The Web Geek

These are more than just words – they’re the guiding stars that illuminate my path as Amy The Web Geek. They shape the way I approach every project, interaction, and endeavor, ensuring that my work is not just about websites, but about empowerment, community, and inclusivity in the digital realm.


Picture this: a world where technology isn’t a mystery, but a friend – something you can approach with confidence and curiosity. That’s the vision driving me. I’m all about making tech feel less intimidating and more inviting, breaking down those barriers that might make you hesitate to take the plunge into the digital realm. My mission? To create a space where everyone – yes, everyone – feels empowered to dive in, whether it’s learning new skills, building their own websites, or using digital tools to fuel their business dreams. Because when we’re all tech-savvy superheroes, there’s no limit to what we can achieve.


Let’s talk about building bridges instead of walls. In an industry where competition often takes center stage, I’m all about fostering a spirit of community and collaboration. As a woman in tech, I know firsthand the importance of lifting each other up and building networks where we can learn, grow, and thrive together. That’s why I’m passionate about creating spaces where women in tech can come together, share resources, and celebrate each other’s victories. Because when we support each other, there’s no limit to what we can achieve.


Imagine a digital world where everyone feels welcome – where barriers are replaced with bridges, and accessibility isn’t an afterthought, but a priority. That’s the world I’m working to create as Amy The Web Geek. Whether it’s ensuring ADA compliance or crafting user-friendly designs, inclusivity is at the heart of everything I do. Because I believe that the web should be a place where everyone feels valued and empowered, regardless of ability or background. Together, let’s make the internet a more inclusive space, one website at a time.


Where Happy Clients Get Their Time in the Web-limelight

Step into the world of Amy The Web Geek through the eyes of my clients. Discover how I’ve helped businesses like yours thrive in the digital realm, and let their words inspire your own journey to success.

Amy has taken my website to the next level! She listened to my needs and delivered exactly what I was looking for. The process was seamless and she explained everything to me in a way for me to understand. Top notch service with high quality results.

Lourene Bouffard

Owner, Every Penny Bookkeeping & Business Services

Amy’s style of working is easy, and she really focuses on what I am trying to accomplish with my brand. Whenever I was unsure of where to go, she offered great suggestions. I am impressed with her ability to take my ideas and turn them into a reality that is far beyond my expectations!

Nicole Rothe

Owner, Body By Nicole

Meet the Cat TEAM Behind the Geek

Ready to meet the real brains behind the operation? Say hello to my fur babies – the unsung heroes of Amy The Web Geek! My companions aren’t just adorable, they’re also my certified emotional support animals, always there to lend a paw (or distract me with their antics) when I’m knee-deep in coding chaos. When I’m home, you can bet they’re never far, often surrounding me like a furry entourage – which, let’s be honest, can be both heartwarming and a tad obstructive when I’m trying to navigate my keyboard. But hey, who needs a clear workspace when you’ve got this much purr-sonality in the room?

Cali: Chief Feline Officer (CFO)

The seasoned veteran, Cali brings wisdom and authority to the team. With 18 years of experience, she’s the one you’ll find quietly overseeing operations and keeping everything running smoothly in her own calm and collected way.

Gabby: Director of Mischief

Gabby may not hold the top position, but she certainly makes her presence known. At 12 years old, she’s the mischievous instigator, always stirring up trouble with her playful antics and sassy attitude, though she insists she’s the boss.

Thor: Snuggle Strategist

Meet Thor, the golden boy with a heart of gold. He’s my cuddly companion who brings warmth and comfort to everyone he meets. With his affectionate nature and charming personality, he’s the one you’ll find spreading joy and cheer wherever he goes. I adopted he and his brother Fury together.

Fury: Mighty Manager

Despite being born with one eye, Fury proves that strength comes in all shapes and sizes. He’s my resilient powerhouse. With his expressive face and indomitable spirit, he’s the true superhero of the bunch, inspiring everyone around him with his unwavering resolve.