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Amy L. Hanley

Owner / Head Geek

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What are you passionate about? You know, that one topic or interest that makes your face light up. People know you as the go-to person on the subject. It is like that word is synonymous with you.

That is how Amy The Web Geek was started — my enthusiasm and excitement for creating webpages. I come alive helping people make their vision and brand come to life online.

Technology has always been a passion for me. Growing up with a computer in the late ’80s, I drew my own backgrounds in MS-Paint. I learned BASIC programming for fun. I printed out pages of code on the family dot-matrix printer. That exhilaration of using the computer as a tool to create has never ceased.

Website creation probably does not excite you. That is where I step in. I geek out writing code to showcase you online so you don’t have to. I love the challenge of getting to know your brand and your voice and translating that into imagery and words.

I am Amy, the Web Geek. I am a Website Designer and Social Media Ninja. Let me share your vision and help make it a reality.